Advantages of Using an Electric Toothbrush

A lot of people are buying electric toothbrushes lately, they the latest boom in healthcare area. But are they really superior to manual ones? Let’s find out!

How it all began

First electric toothbrush in the world was developed by Dr. Philippe-Guy Woog, a doctor from Switzerland more than 60 years ago. Dr. Philippe-Guy noticed that people with limited motor skills don’t brush their teeth the way they should, which results in cavities and poor oral health. Brushing technique is everything, so he developed a toothbrush that isn’t sensitive to brushing technique and makes most of the movements by itself. Studies have shown that more than 60% people don’t use the right technique, so a little help from these electric devices can have some great benefits.

Electric toothbrushes in 2014

Technology is evolving every day and latest powered toothbrushes often have more features than mobile phones few years ago. Latest powered toothbrushes are proven to be more efficient than manual ones and they are recommended by most dentists throughout the world. Because technology is evolving, they are getting cheaper and cheaper, so everyone can afford one without breaking the bank.

Types of powered toothbrushes

There are 2 main types of electric toothbrushes nowadays. Both types have been proven to remove plaque and reduce gingivitis more efficiently than manual ones, so choosing between them is a choice of preference. Oscillating toothbrushes (most Oral B models) use rotating head motions and sonic toothbrushes use high speed vibrating movements which result in up to 31000 brush strokes per minute. Both of them operate at insanely high speeds, so their effect can’t be achieved with any manual device.

Customized cleaning modes

Brushing technique is a problem for most people nowadays. Most powered toothbrushes offer more than 1 cleaning mode. Most popular of them are whitening (specialized for removing stains and polishing teeth), sensitive (for people with sensitive teeth) and daily mode (all around cleaning mode for every day). Most people forget about cleaning of their tongue, but some powered toothbrushes also include tongue cleaning mode, which specializes in removing bacteria that causes bad breath from tongue. Whitening mode is especially popular among some people, top-end toothbrushes are proven to remove organic stains from surface of our teeth, which results in whiter smile (up to 3 shades) in just 2 weeks of use. Most teeth whitening treatments nowadays are dangerous and can cause nothing but trouble on long term, but using a powered toothbrushes is actually recommended by all dentists.

Perfect brushing technique

Brushing technique isn’t just about movements of toothbrush. We shouldn’t be too aggressive with pressing bristles on our teeth and we should brush for at least 2 minutes. At least that’s what dentists recommend and I believe them. Aggressive brushing is the main cause for gum damages and recessing gums nowadays and can lead to enamel erosion on long term. Most advanced electric toothbrushes nowadays have in-built pressure sensors that remind you when you start brushing too hard. They also have in-built timers which are really helpful for users to reach 2 minutes of brushing time which is recommended by dentists.

The price of an electric toothbrush

Average models cost about $80, but you can get the cheapest ones for as little as $20. Cheapest ones usually don’t offer as much cleaning modes and they have a battery with less capacity, but if you don’t want to spend much money for your first powered toothbrush, cheapest models will be just fine.

If you want the very best electric toothbrush on the market, you should check out Precision Black 7000 from Oral B or DiamondClean from Sonicare. They are both on top of the market and they cost a little less than $200. Oral B 7000 seems to be slightly better and Oral B brush heads are much cheaper than Sonicare ones, so you can find the complete review and read more about it here.

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Insomnia Help


 Sleep Disorder Specialist

 An excellent way to get insomnia help is to visit a sleep disorder specialist because he can offer solutions to the problem. When meet with the specialist you want to be specific about the issues you’re having and this gives him a better idea of the problem. When the specialist gives you some recommended steps and treatment, you want to incorporate those into your daily routine to get the results you need. Look for a specialist who has many years of experience in treating insomnia.

Support Group for Those With Insomnia

 If you’re the only one in your family that suffers from insomnia, it gets frustrating when your family does not understand the condition. Join a local support group for those who have this condition and you can get support and advice on how to improve sleeping habits and defeat restlessness at night. Exchange numbers so you can build new friendships.

Articles And Books

 The library, bookstore and Internet all have great resources on how to overcome insomnia and you should look for resources that have existed for at least two years because you want the latest research on this topic. Send emails to the doctors who wrote the article and ask specific questions that you think were left unanswered in the article or book.

Naturopathic Doctor


Sometimes conventional medicine may not work for you so it is a good idea to visit the naturopathic doctor because he prescribes herbs and other natural products that work well in treating insomnia. Before you buy a certain product you need to look at the ingredients on it if you’re pregnant or suffer from allergies because the product could cause a negative reaction.

Stress Management

 Stress is a leading cause of insomnia so you can meet with a psychologist to discuss the issues you’re having and to seek creative and effective ways to manage stress in your life. Get rid of friendships or dating relationships that drain you and keep a diary daily so you can see which problems are causing insomnia the most. Cry if necessary but also make room for laughter and a positive attitude in your life.

Sleep Medications

 Most drugstores sell sleep medications for treating insomnia but not all of the brands work the same for  you so it is a good idea to find out the ingredients and side effects in those medications so that you will not experience negative reactions after taking them. Also be sure to follow dosage instructions.


 Insomnia is not the best feeling and you feel frustrated when you cannot get relief. With these suggestions you can improve your situation and you don’t have to suffer any longer. If there are no sleep disorder specialists in your area, you can visit a neurologist or psychologist to get a handle on your situation. Stay away from drinking caffeinated beverages before bedtime and exercise also helps with treating insomnia. Finally, see about switching to a work schedule that will allow for a more regular bedtime.

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29 Foods With Healthy Fats

  1. Avocados

 Avocados are excellent for your health because they contain mono-saturated fats, which are the good fats. Mono-saturated fats work well in protecting your heart and they keep your cholesterol in check. You can put avocados in salad or on a burger.


  1. Fish

 Fish has good fats such as omega 3 fatty acids and these acids improve your skin’s health and your heart’s health. Tuna, salmon and halibut are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids and you can supplement the fish with fish oil supplements.


  1. Olive Oil

 Olive oil is a good fat because it is a mono-saturated fat. More nutritionists are recommending that people cook with olive oil because it is a heart healthy fat and you can use it in savory and sweet dishes as well as in salads.


  1. Nuts

 Instead of eating candies and snack cakes in the afternoon, you should eat nuts instead because nuts have the good fats and you can crush the nuts and put them in salads or fruit dishes.


  1. Peanut Butter

 Peanut butter is delicious on a piece of toast but did you know that peanut butter also has mono-saturated fats and this means that it will not cause heart problems or high blood pressure unless you eat too much of it on a regular basis.


6.         Nut Oils

 Nut oils work well in cooking and baking because these oils contain omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E, which benefits your skin and cardiovascular system.


  1. Broccoli and Beans

 Broccoli and beans contain omega 3 fatty acids and you can turn this into a meal by fixing beans and brown rice and serve broccoli with olive oil on the side.


  1. Olives

 Olives are high in antioxidants and good fats and this is why they are so healthy. You can make an olive salad with tomatoes, salmon and a basil vinaigrette.

  1. What? Dark Chocolate?

 That’s right, dark chocolate has mono-saturated fats and it contains flavanoids that improve the skin by eliminating harmful free radicals that cause premature aging. You can melt dark chocolate and pour it over fruit.


  1. Foods With Sesame Seed Oil

 Sesame seed oil is a good fat because it has plenty of zinc and some people feel that this oil is also good for improving dental health.


  1. Pumpkin Seeds

 Like sesame seed oil-based foods, pumpkin seeds also have zinc and are low in calories. Be sure that you do not put too much salt and spices on them since high sodium is not good for the body.


  1. Almond Butter

 Almond butter has mono-saturated fats and it tastes just as good as peanut butter. You can spread it on toast and add honey and strawberries to it.


  1. Eggs

 Eggs are delicious whether poached, scrambled or fried and the good news is that eggs have omega 6 fatty acids and protein. You can have poached eggs with turkey bacon and oatmeal.


  1. Winter Squash

 Some people are turned off by winter squash but you should embrace it as part of your diet because winter squash contains omega 3 fatty acids. Prepare a winter squash salad or put it in a soup.


  1. Leafy Greens

 Leafy greens are high in vitamin K and fiber but they also contain omega 3 fatty acids although not in very high amounts. Serve the leafy greens with salmon and avocado dressing.


  1. Flax Seeds

 Flax seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids and also contain fiber. You can crush some flax seeds and put them in your vegetable salad or on top of an open faced peanut butter sandwich with honey.


  1. Soybeans

 Soybeans contain plenty of omega 3 fatty acids and they lower your cholesterol levels. You can eat soybeans in a salad or add them to casseroles or a vegetable soup.


  1. Foods Made With Coconut Oil

 You can eat foods that are made with coconut oil because while it is true that coconut oil has saturated fat, this oil does have fatty acids that boost metabolism and give you more energy during the day. Natural health stores often sell foods and snacks with coconut oil and other natural ingredients.


  1. Vegetable Spreads

 You can make a homemade vegetable spread with vegetable oil and vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin or spinach. Vegetable oil is a good fat and is healthy for the heart.


  1. Pork and Beef

 Pork and beef contain the good mono-saturated fats and they both contain high levels of protein.


  1. Pumpkin

 Pumpkin is high in mono-saturated fats.


  1. Milk

 Milk that comes from grass-fed cows contains conjugated linoleic acid, which is a good fat. CLA reduces high blood pressure and it lowers cholesterol in the body. CLA has also been shown to reduce cancer.


  1. Foods Made With Rapseed Oil

 Foods that are made with rapseed oil contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.


  1. Canola Oil
  1. Sunflower Seeds
  2. Raw butter
  3. Peanuts
  4. Black raspberries
  5. Fontina cheese

You can find out more at our blog-29 Foods With Healthy Fats

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Types of Dentists in Melbourne CBD


 A periodontist is someone who focuses on treating gum diseases and he is someone that many people visit due to the rising number of people who have gum disease. When you visit the periodontist, she will examine your teeth and gums or perform an X ray to detect gum diseases you may have. If she sees that you have gum disease, she would discuss the problem and then develop a treatment plan. Those with gingivitis or periodontinitis would see a periodontist. Some periodontists have their own practices while others work in other dentists’ offices, more info at Art De Dente Dentists Melbourne.

Cosmetic Dentist

 A cosmetic dentist in Melbourne CBD is someone who focuses on making the teeth’s appearance look better. For example, the cosmetic dentist would whiten a patient’s teeth and on other days he is giving patients braces or dental implants. The field of cosmetic dentistry is broad and since this is a competitive field, cosmetic dentists will need to educate themselves on the latest treatments available for them to use on patients in coming years. The average cost for a cosmetic dental procedure ranges from a few hundred up to thousands of dollars and most health insurance providers do not cover cosmetic procedures.


 This dentist in Melbourne operates similar to a cosmetic dentist but he focuses mainly on correcting teeth that are misaligned or poorly shaped. If your primary dentist feels you need braces, he would refer you to the orthodontist and then the orthodontist examines and takes an image of your mouth to make sure that the braces you receive are the right fit for you. The orthodontist also does follow up on the patients after they receive their braces and he advises them on caring for their teeth with braces.


 There will be times when your dental problems are so bad that you will need a root canal or tooth extraction and the endodontist is the person you would visit to get this procedure done. The endodontist goes beyond the enamel of the teeth and goes inside the pulp of the teeth in order to pull out the infected tooth. When the endodontist finishes the procedure, he may prescribe medicine to reduce the pain in your teeth from the root canal and tooth extraction..


 Dentists have existed since ancient times and contrary to popular opinion, not all dental procedures are painful. For example, when you visit the dentist in Melbourne CBD to get your teeth cleaned and whitened, there is minimal pain. On the other hand there are also dental procedures that are painful such as root canals and tooth extractions. If you want to reduce your chances of having to visit the dentist frequently, take better care of your teeth and drink plenty of water since it is good for decreasing chances of periodontal diseases. Before you choose a certain dentist, find out what his areas of dentistry he specializes in. You should also find out if they take your dental insurance. Finally, ask as many questions to the dentist if you have any concerning your dental illness.

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Eye Care in The Western World

 Here is information on eye care in Australia. Currently Australia is promoting an initiative called Vision 2020, and the purpose of this initiative is to provide widespread vision care to more people in this country through a variety of programs. Vision 2020 will seek to target the groups in Australia that are at the highest risk of blindness and the initiative will focus on the importance of getting eye exams and using the best eyewear for better vision. Australian officials have also tossed around the idea of universal eye care.

Eye Care Funding for Indigenous Persons in Australia

 In recent years there has been an increase in the declining of good eye health and proper access to quality eye care among the indigenous population in Australia, and there are efforts being made to correct these problems by Australian officials. For example, in the city of Broome, there is the Kimberley Diabetic Eye Care Partnership that is affiliated with the Eye Foundation of Australia. This partnership provides up to $100,000 in funds to pay for doctors who will provide eye care to indigenous persons in the area. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, researcher Hugh Taylor says that more needs to be done regarding eye care for indigenous persons.

Emergency Eyewash Stations As Protection for Australian Workers

 In a 2008 report from the Australian Safety and Compensation Council, work-related eye injuries make up at least 500 hospital visits each year and because of the visits to the hospital due to eye injuries, productivity goes down at most Australian businesses. The report mentioned that there is a need for more eyewash stations at various Australian businesses where eye injuries are more likely such as places where exposure to chemicals is a regular occurrence.

How To Learn About Eye Care in Australia

 You can read health academic journals that are based in Australia and another idea is to look for online videos on eye care in Australia and the topics that are pertinent to this issue. If your spouse or good friend is from Australia, you can ask him about what eye care is like in Australia and if you are moving to Australia soon, you want to research different health insurance companies that offer good vision benefits for you and your family, and also look for Murine eye drops.


 Australia has been stepping up efforts to provide the best eye care for its’ residents and especially those who are indigenous persons or who live in rural sections of Australia. Like the United States and other Western nations, Australia struggles with the challenge of providing universal eye care to all citizens and while the system is currently imperfect, there has been improvement in this area since decades ago.  Depending on the province, you will also see certain medical schools in Australia that offer free or low-cost eye care to citizens who struggle financially. Finally, Australians have better options of getting the best eye care and this will improve over the next few years.

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Weight Loss Tips for College Students

When a person enters college, he may eventually gain more than a few pounds throughout his four years there. College students often eat unhealthy foods such as pizza, burgers and fries and TV dinners that are high in calories, leading to obesity in some college students. If you are thin now or you put on extra weight since coming to college, here are ways to lose or manage the weight.

Make Time for Exercise

 Don’t use studying as an excuse for not exercising. Find creative ways to exercise during the day so you can keep extra pounds off. Instead of driving to school, walk or take public transportation and if you need to drive to certain places, park a few inches away from the building so that you can get in as much exercise as possible. Find out the best exercise tips at

Choose Healthier Snacks

 College students love to eat snacks when studying but instead of those high calorie snacks, you should eat healthier ones. Some good snacks to eat include grilled vegetables with onion dip, sweet potato chips with honey, orange juice, apple juice, fruits, nuts, peanut butter made with natural ingredients and whole wheat crackers.

Watch Out for Empty Calories

 You may not think that your favourite beer and champagne do not contain many calories but the truth is that one can of beer can have between 140 and 220 lbs. Soft drinks are another for form of empty calories for college students and instead of these, drink more water and fruit juices. Herbal teas are also a good choice.

Don’t Fall For Quick Fad Weight Loss Supplements

 Some college students feel that certain weight loss supplements are going to reduce belly fat or build muscle quickly but this is not the case many times. You should be careful about using the supplements to lose weight because some of them may have harmful ingredients. However, you can take vitamins since they are a good source of energy for the body.

Ditch The TV Habit

 According to some medical researchers, those who eat unhealthy foods while watching hours of television could lead to more weight gain over a period of time. If you have free time in between studies, look for activities that keep you on your feet and that are interesting such as dancing with dorm mates, riding the bike to one of the trendier neighbourhoods in the city, and visiting an amusement park.

Cook At Dorm

 Not only do TV dinners and processed foods cost you a lot of money, but they are also high in calories. If you want to keep your weight under control, you should cook food at home since you have control over the ingredients in your food and you can control the portions of the food.


 As a college student you are in the prime of your life and you want to maintain a healthy weight while you are young so that you will look and feel great as you get older.

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What is The Medical Cause of Constipation?



 While this is not true for everyone with hyperthyroidism, some people with this condition develop constipation and this is because when someone has an underactive thyroid gland, it messes up their metabolic rate and it extends to the digestive system’s ability to release wastes from the body.

Pain Medications

 Certain pain medications may cause constipation and if you only have chronic constipation after taking this medicine, you should take a break from them and look for alternative ways to relieve the pain in your body/ For example, relaxing from the stresses of the day and drinking green tea is a good way to decrease pain.

Excess Consumption of Dairy Products

 When you eat too many dairy products, your digestion is slower than normal and the result is constipation. Instead of eating dairy foods every day, you should eat dairy foods every few days or even every few weeks if the constipation is chronic.


 This is one of the main reasons for constipation and if you are one who drinks a lot of sodas, tea or coffee, this causes dehydration and constipation. The solution is to drink eight glasses of water a day so that your body will not experience constipation.

High Blood Pressure Medication

 One of the side effects of high blood pressure medicines is constipation and since you need the medication, you can talk with your doctor to slightly lower the dosage of the medicines to curb constipatiion while taking them. You should alao take the medicine with tall glasses of water to stay hydrated.

Not Taking Bowel Movements When Needed

 Those who delay bowel movements when they should use the restroom right away put themselves at risk of developing constipation. They should take bowel movements as soon as they sense the need to do so to avoid digestive problems later.

Lack of Fiber in Diet

 Your digestive system needs daily intake of fiber but when there is not enough fiber, your bowels stiffen and it is difficult to release them from the body. Start by eating berries and leafy green salad since these foods are high in fiber. Other fiber-rich foods include beans, broccoli, whole grains and citrus fruits.

Not Enough Exercise

 Many people live a sedentary lifestyle but if you are not getting adequate physical activity during the week, you increase chances of getting constipated. Get in at least twenty minutes to an hour of physical exercise a day to keep the bowels regular as often as possible.


 Constipation is frustrating but now that you know the causes of it, you can take steps to prevent and treat it. You should research the condition by reading health articles and meet with your doctor regularly, especially if you have a history of digestive disorders in the family. Avoid very rich meals during dinnertime because sometimes it causes constipation. Another thing you should do is cleanse your colon with a colon cleanse medicine once or twice a year.

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Ways You Can Lighten Your Skin


 images (2)

Those who know about “Derm Exclusive Reviews” are probably thinking about how they can lighten their skin. Some people lighten their skin because they want to improve social status while others do so to even out their skin tones. Not all products for skin lightening are safe so you need to read ingredients on the labels before making a purchase. You should also use the following methods for lightening your skin.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time in Sun

 When you spend excess time in the sun, your skin darkens and your skin develops age spots over a period of time as well as wrinkles and fine lines. Limit your time outdoors until the late evening or early morning hours. When you go outside, wear sunscreen and wear a sunhat and shades.

Combine Egg Whites and Lemon Juice to Create Lightening Mask

 Lemon juice contains vitamin C and this vitamin does a good job of making the skin lighter without harsh chemicals. In a medium bowl combine two egg whites and two to three teaspoons of lemon juice until whipped completely. Then apply the mixture on your face and let sit for ten minutes before rinsing it out.

Honey Yogurt Mixture

 Yogurt contains the good bacteria called probiotics and honey has always been an important skincare ingredient. You can combine these two foods to create a facial mask that lightens the skin within weeks if you use this treatment regularly.

Purchase All Natural Lightening Cream

 If you want to lighten your skin quickly, you should buy an all natural skin lightening cream that contains no toxins or harsh chemicals. You can find this cream at the natural health store or online. When using the cream, use it according to instructions and when you reach the desired level of whitening, stop so that you will not have an uneven skin tone.

Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion

 Both of these techniques clear away dead skin and they leave you with lighter and more youthful skin. Although there at-home chemical peels you can use, it is recommended that you have the dermatologist perform the procedure if you are not skilled in using the peel. With microdermabrasion, you are using a brush filled with crystals to take off tough dead skin to reveal newer skin.

Tomato Juice and Salt Scrub

 Tomato juice lightens your skin gradually and salt is a natural exfoliator for dead skin. In a medium cup combine a third cup of salt with an eighth cup of tomato juice then apply the scrub to your face and other parts of the skin.


These remedies will not give you lighter skin overnight but they will gradually cause you to have healthier and cleaner skin, which leads to brighter skin. Before you try a certain remedy or product, research it to determine the safety. Eat more fruits and vegetables as this assists you in getting clearer skin and if you are older, stop bad habits that harm your skin such as smoking or staying up late every night.

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How to Travel Internationally While Maintaining Your Health

Avoid Dehydration and Jet Lag By Drinking Water

One of the main causes of jet lag is dehydration so before and during your flight you should drink plenty of water. Another way to prevent jet lag is to get adequate hours of sleep before the flight. While on the plane, you should try to stay awake on the flight if you arrive at the destination in daytime hours. If you are arriving there at night, you want to sleep on the plane.

Seek Out Opportunities to Exercise

Just because you are traveling does not mean that you need to abandon your exercise routine. You want to seek out opportunities to exercise and you can do this in several ways. Visit local parks instead of the mall for a few hours and go walking or jogging. Instead of driving to different venues, you can walk or take public transit. If your hotel has a swimming pool and gym for guests, take advantage of those. Purchase a jumprope and do exercises in your hotel room. You can also do yoga and abdominal crunches in the hotel room.

Healthy Travel

Cut Junk Food and Fast Food Out

The purpose of a vacation is to experience different cultures and traditions so you want to apply this to the foods you choose to eat. If you want to stay healthy while traveling, you should avoid all junk food and fast food because these foods are not the healthiest. Be adventurous and eat at restaurants that focus on healthy meals. If the meals come in large portions, do not attempt to eat the meal by yourself. Give half of the meal to your guest or eat a little now and save the rest for later. Visit the Farmers’ Market and buy a few fruits and vegetables to eat.

Continue Taking Your Vitamins

Depending on where you travel, you will be exposed to various germs and bacteria and if you want to maintain good health while traveling, it is important that you continue taking your vitamins because they boost your immune system, boost your memory, and curb your appetite during the day. Vitamin C is important to take because it helps you fight off colds and the flu. Vitamins A and E improve your skin while calcium is good for strong bones.

Healthy Travel

Bring First Aid Items

Exposure to germs and accidents happen on vacation so you should pack a first aid and sskin protection kit with you. Your first aid kit should include bandages, insect reoellent spray, anti itch lotion, sunscreen, rubbing alcohol, bottled water and other items. This minimizes your need to visit the doctor while traveling. Also bring your health insurance card and extra cash in the event you need to see the doctor

Wash Your Hands Frequently

This is important because your hands are exposed to germs daily and it is important to keep them clean as often as possible. In addition to washing your hands, bring hand sanitizer with you and tell your kids to always wash their hands and use sanitizer. Also tell your kids that they should not put their hands in their mouths if they have not washed their hands prior to doing so.

Look Out for Health Advisories

Some cities you travel to may be experiencing a breakout of a certain disease that is transmissible and highly dangerous so before you visit certain cities within the US and abroad, you need to find out if there are any health advisories that you should be aware of. If the health advisory is minor, then it should still be safe to travel but if it is a major advisory, look for another place to travel.

Get Vaccinated Before You Travel

If you are going to another country, it is important that you get vaccinated because it keeps you from getting sick while in that country. You should also have your kids and elderly loved ones vaccinated if they are coming with you. This is especially important in nations where malaria, cholera and other immune system diseases are prevalent.

Other Medicines You Need to Pack

Diarrhea medicine and antacids are must haves in your suitcase because there is a chance that you may need them after eating a rich or very spicy meal. If you have chronic flatulence, gas relief medicine is also a must have. If you have allergies, you should bring antigistamine allergy medicine and cold medicine is needed in the event you catch a cold while traveling.

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How Meditation Improve Your Health Drastically

It Reduces Stress

Meditation is good for stress reduction in several ways. It slows down your heart rate ate when you react to stress in a negative way and this is good news for those who suffer from heart failure or respiratory problems. Because meditation reduces stress by lowering your heart rate, your blood pressure returns to normal. When you use meditation to reduce stress, you also clear your mind so that you will be able to think creatively and in an alert way.

You Have A Better Immune System

Another benefit of stress reduction through meditation is that you have a better immune system. According to a study from Ohio State University, meditation seemed to work for a group of cancer patients who participated in the study. And the same university also conducted a study in which a group of elderly participants used meditation to create resistance to tumor development.


Increased Chances of Conception

In a study from the University of Western Australia, meditation can help women who are trying to conceive and the more stressed out a woman is, the less chance she has in getting pregnant. If infertility has been a part of your life, add meditation to your regular fertility treatments.

Mantra Meditation

It is not difficult to do mantra meditation, as it is carried out by selecting a calming phrase and word, and many times silently repeating it to yourself. The calming word helps in reducing distracting thoughts, making you to pay more attention to the word or words being repeated, making it possible for you to believe them with your whole body, mind, and soul. Though your own mantra may be chosen, there are still those who prefer using Hindu Mythology words because that is the origin of meditation practice. At the same time, it is a good idea to use mantras from your native language, as that still works well.

You Develop Stronger Self Esteem

When you use meditation for stress reduction, your self esteem improves. This is true of the kind of meditation where you use mantras, which are positive affirmations that you say to yourself in order to establish positivity in your life. If you feel unattractive after gaining weight, you can tell yourself that you may have gained weight but you are still beautiful inside and out.

Good for Relieving Pain

So you are having a headache but you ran out of aspirin and you are unable to get to the store for a few hours. You should try meditation because it assists with pain relief without medicines. A study from Wake Forest University stated that fifteen to twenty minutes of meditation would take your mind off the pain you are in.


Good for Improving Cognitive Skills

Meditation is good for stress reduction but it is also good for maintaining good cognitive skills as you get older. If you are over age 50 and have a history of Alzheimer’s disease in the family, you should perform different meditation techniques such as deep breathing exercises and yoga so you will have better memory.

Helps in Curbing Appetite

Many people turn to food when they are stressed but with a type of meditation called mindful eating, you are able to keep yourself from emotional eating. The next time you decide to eat a third piece of chocolate cake at midnight, you should be mindful of why you are eating the cake and ask yourself if it is worth the extra calories in the long run.


As seen in the previous paragraphs, meditation serves a variety of purposes and everyone meditates differently. For the Christian, he would turn to the Scriptures and prayer to God as his way of meditating while another person would sit outside in nature for meditation. There are also meditation retreats you can go on that focus specifically on reflection of your life and those around you. If meditating at home, you should eliminate all distractions with the exception of soft music so you will concentrate. It is also a good idea to dim the lights in your room and wear clothing that is relaxing and that best prepares you for meditation. Finally, enjoy your relaxation time.

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